Program 2024

Monday, August 12th

Under the Nordic sky

FREE opening & anniversary concert.

The opening concert of the Late Summer Festival celebrates the start of our 10th anniversary, focusing on music from the far north with something as special as the Sami Joike culture from the Norwegian nature people: here, Norwegian Sami and multi-artist Ailloš takes the audience on an exciting journey into this fascinating musical form of communication.

The great Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen has even arranged a work for Ailloš and the Norwegian elite choir Nordic Voices, who will also shine with evocative choral works from the Renaissance at this concert. Thoresen’s own Solbøn, awarded by the Nordic Council, will also be performed.

The audience can also look forward to hearing Thoresen’s new version of the romance for violin and piano and the premiere of the female Danish/American composer Lil Lacy’s romance, for violin and piano, on texts by William Shakespeare. Both works are composed for the festival.

(For anyone interested, Ailloš offers a small introductory course in joik from 18:00 to 19:30 at ‘Menighedshuset’, close to the concert. No prior knowledge is required, but a minimum of six registrations via the contact form on this page. 150 kr. per person).

Ailloš, Norwegian Sami, and multi-artist
Helge Slaatto, violin
Anne Mette Stæhr, piano
Nordic Voices, Norwegian elite choir: Tone Braaten, soprano – Ingrid Hanken,
soprano – Ebba Rydh, alto – Per Kristian Amundrød, tenor – Frank Havrøy,
baritone – Rolf Magne Asser, bass

Lasse Thoresen: Solbøn for chamber choir and Du çabbodaga for joik (Sami song) and chamber choir. Plus choral works from the Renaissance.
Lil Lacy: Romance for violin and piano, PREMIERE
Lasse Thoresen: New version of romance for violin and piano

Free concert - no tickets required

Tuesday, August 13th

From north to south

Free concert

Ailloš joiks (sings Sami songs) from the far north while the new young star soprano Louise McClelland Jacobsen surprises with Danish songs by, among others. Rued Langgaard and Peter Heise.

Jacob Gade’s Tango Jalousie and Niels W. Gade’s Capriccio are played by the violin talent Li-Or Ginnerup, accompanied by Laurits Dragsted. Laurits also plays together with Louise McClelland Jacobsen.

From the north, the program also includes Norwegian Bjarne Brustad’s last movement from his Capricci, played by festival leaders Anette and Helge Slaatto.

Ailloš, Norwegian Sami and multi-artist
Louise McClelland Jacobsen, soprano
Li-Or Ginnerup, violin
Laurits Dragsted, piano
Anette Slaatto, viola
Helge Slaatto, violin
Allioš, joiker

Ailloš joiker as a welcome
Jacob Gade: Tango Jalousie and Niels W. Gade: Capriccio for violin and piano
Danish Songs by Rued Langgaard and Peter Heise
Bjarne Brustad: Capricci for violin and viola, last movement

Free concert - no tickets required

Tuesday, August 13th

The woman who shocked the Vatican

A unique musical journey that starts with Lasse Thoresen’s ‘Himmelske Fader’ for chamber choir and ‘Vare jo’ for joik and chamber choir. The meditative choral works of the Renaissance lead us to the work by Norwegian composer Cecilie Ore from “The Vatican Trilogy.” This work tells the fascinating story of the female pope who shocked her contemporaries—one of the most remarkable tales in history.

Anette Slaatto, recognized for her acclaimed recording of all Bach’s suites for cello arranged for viola several years ago, returns to enchant us with solo Bach.

The broad spectrum of the program ranges from choral works from the time Christianity reached Norway to the subsequent Renaissance period to Bach’s profound works for a single cello arranged for viola. It ends with Cecilie Ore’s almost harrowing tones that bring us back to the present.

Anette Slaatto, viola

Nordic Voices, Norwegian elite choir: Tone Braaten, soprano – Ingrid Hanken, soprano – Ebba Rydh, alto – Per Kristian Amundrød, tenor – Frank Havrøy, baritone – Rolf Magne Asser, bass

Echoes of Time, a musical journey through history: including St. Olaf Music (1100), Monteverdi, (1567-1643), Henry Purcell (1659 -1695)
Lasse Thoresen: Himmelske Fader and Vare jo
Cecilie Ore: From The Vatican Trilogy for choir

J.S.Bach (1685-1750):Suite No. 5 in C minor for solo cello arr. for viola

Wednesday, August 14th

The ages meet: old and new

The dynamic Swedish trio Kv.Arken from Malmö have quickly become three of the festival’s most beloved musicians, thanks to their captivating Nordic Klezmer that has truly found its way into the hearts of our audience. This year, they’re taking their musical adventure one step further by entering into an exciting new collaboration with Mats Edén, one of Sweden’s most renowned folk musicians and composers. This partnership culminates in the premiere of Edén’s work written specifically for the trio’s unique composition, drawing inspiration from both Swedish and Ukrainian folk tunes.

Not least, the audience can look forward to the premiere of the first part of Lasse Thoresen’s duo for violin and double bass, performed by Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke.

Helge Slaatto, violin
Frank Reinecke, double bass

Kv. The Ark: Annika Jessen, clarinet – Elena Nygren, viola – Anna Thorstensson, cello

Mats Edén: New work for Kv. Arken with inspiration from Swedish and Ukrainian folk tunes, PREMIERE (commissioned for the anniversary year)

Lasse Thoresen: Duo for violin and double bass, TOSOMT 1 (serenissimo) PREMIERE (commissioned for the anniversary year)

Thursday, August 15th

From Bach to Nordic Klezmer

The popular Michala Petri performs one of Bach’s cello suites and a concert by Baroque master Sammartini for recorder and strings, as well as a solo piece by centenarian Axel Borup-Jørgensen (Fuglekoncert).

The young diabolo juggler Moritz Salger performs his movement fantasy on Handel-Halvorsen’s Passacaglia together with Helge Slaatto on violin and Anette Slaatto on viola.

Kv.Arken ends the concert with their own version of Nordic Klezmer.

Michala Petri, recorder

The LSF Vivaldi Players: Helge Slaatto and Li-Or Ginnerup, violins – Anette Slaatto, viola – Frank Reinecke, double bass – Anne Mette Stæhr, harpsichord

Kv. The Ark: Annika Jessen, clarinet – Elena Nygren, viola – Anna Thorstensson, cello

Moritz Salger, diabolo juggler

Sammartini: Concerts in F Major for recorder and strings
J.S. Bach: Suite suite in D minor after cello suite no.2. arr. for solo recorder
Axel Borup-Jørgensen: “Fuglekoncert” for recorder solo

Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia for violin, viola and vertax diabolo

Kv. Arken: Nordic Klezmer

Friday, August 16th

Musical anniversary fireworks

Closing & Anniversary Concert.

The concert begins with the charismatic Michala Petri performing one of Vivaldi’s flute concerts, solo works by Bach, jubilant Borup-Jørgensen, and her own short solo piece, “Dansk Sommervejr.”

Louise McClelland Jacobsen performs arias by Mozart and Puccini, followed by Jonathan Slaatto and Frank Reinecke in Rossini’s fantastic duo for the two lowest string instruments.

The concert concludes with Gabriel Faure’s large ensemble work, the Piano Quartet in C minor, performed by the star musicians from Ensemble MidtVest – Nicolas Dautricourt, Sanna Ripatti, Jonathan Slaatto, and Martin Qvist Hansen.

Nicolas Dautricourt, violin
Sanna Ripatti, viola
Jonathan Slaatto, cello
Martin Qvist Hansen, piano

Frank Reinecke, double bass

Louise McClelland Jacobsen, soprano
Laurits Dragsted, piano
Anne Mette Stæhr, piano
Michala Petri, recorder
LSF Chamber Players

Vivaldi Concert in C Major, RV443, for recorder and strings
J.S.Bach: Suite G Major after Cello Suite No.1 arr. for recorder solo
Axel Borup-Jørgensen: Pergolato for solo recorder.
Michala Petri: “Dansk sommervejr” for solo recorder.

W.A. Mozart: The Countess Aria from The Marriage of Figaro
O mio babbino caro,
Lauretta’s aria from G. Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicci

Rossini: Duo for cello and double bass

Fauré: Piano Quartet in C minor

The program is subject to change.
If any extra tickets are available, they can be purchased at the entrance.

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