Late Summer Festival 2023

August 14 - 20

Through music, the festival reminds us how music can bring people together across borders and create connections. Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov and Iranian musician Majeed Qadianie send a powerful message of peace and reconciliation through their music. The festival also celebrates the unique tone and character of Nordic music.
With performances of works by Rued Langgaard, now a Danish classic, and Faroese Kristian Blak and Norwegian Lasse Thoresen from our own time, the festival shows how Scandinavian modernism is in touch with its roots and folk music – while great classics such as Beethoven, Brahms, and Mozart can also be experienced, performed by outstanding ensembles and musicians from across Europe.

Unlike last year’s festival, which was all about the joy of being together again, the many tragic events of the past year have given extra grounds for hope for a life of freedom and peaceful coexistence.

Thank you for a great festival in 2023

We are working on an exciting program for the upcoming festival.

We are working on an exciting program for the upcoming festival - with the dates of August 12. – 16, 2024.

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We look forward to welcoming you to a number of exciting concerts with this year’s musicians and welcome you to refreshing musical experiences in both Hvide Sande and Copenhagen.

Anette & Helge Slaatto

Artistic Directors of the Late Summer Festival