Late Summer Festival Hvide Sande

12.-16. August 2024

'From the High North', 10-year anniversary

Late Summer Festival, 12-16. August 2024

The anniversary edition of the Late Summer Festival, “From the High North”, features highlights of the Nordic musical landscape, bringing together some of the most talented and acclaimed musicians and composers in the Nordic region. In addition to the Nordic music, we will experience the great European classics performed by some of the best musicians Denmark has to offer. We invite the audience to a week filled with unique musical experiences.
The festival takes place August 12-16, 2024 in Hvide Sande.

Audiences can look forward to experiencing “P2 Talent of the Year 2024”: soprano Louise McClelland Jacobsen, who will dive into a repertoire ranging from the deeply emotional to the technically challenging, and Michala Petri, who will enchant the audience with her masterful recorder playing. The four star musicians from Denmark’s elite ensemble, Ensemble MidtVest: Nicolas Dautricourts, violin; Sanna Ripatti, viola; Jonathan Slaatto, cello; and Martin Qvist Hansen, piano, are the Late Summer Festival’s much-loved musicians. They fascinate every time with their vibrant playing of classical and contemporary music. As a surprise, we also welcome the young Li-Or Ginnerup, a violinist and composer.

Throughout the week, the festival will present works by five prominent Nordic composers, several of which are premieres. Cecilie Ore explores deep human themes, while the great Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen integrates Nordic traditional elements into modern musical structures. The genre-crossing compositions of Danish-American Lil Lacy, as well as Swedish Mats Eden’s fusion of Swedish folk and contemporary music, will give us refreshing new experiences.

This year’s six concerts open up all that the High North has to offer in terms of unique vitality and traditions – not least in the form of Sami joik, the ancient vocal tradition of the Sami people. We will be visited by the master joik Allioš, who will premiere a work composed by Lasse Thoresen for Allioš and the Norwegian elite choir Nordic Voices. In addition to works from the Renaissance, the choir also has a major work by Cecilie Ore on the program: the work about a female pope, which is, in many ways, an important work in our time.

A special collaboration between Swedish trio Kv. Arken, a long-time audience favorite, and composer Mats Eden add an extra dimension to the festival, bringing Nordic klezmer and Swedish folk music together as the festival’s artistic directors, Anette and Helge Slaatto, take the stage alongside double bassist Frank Reinecke, pianist Anne Mette Stæhr and innovative diabolo juggler Moritz Salger, among others. Their performance symbolizes the core of the festival – a love of music and a quest to create creative and innovative music experiences by the North Sea. Lasse Thoresen’s new duo for violin and double bass, composed for the festival for Slaatto and Reinecke, is an excellent example of this.

We look forward to welcoming you to a series of exciting concerts with this year’s musicians and welcome you to refreshing musical experiences in Hvide Sande.

Anette & Helge Slaatto.



Monday, August 12th

Under the Nordic sky

Late Summer Festivals’ opening concert celebrates the start of our 10th anniversary, highlighting music from the far north with something as special as the Joike culture of the Sami from the Norwegian nature people…

Tuesday, August 13th

From north to south

Ailloš joiks (sings Sami songs) from the far north while the new young star soprano Louise McClelland Jacobsen surprises with Danish songs by, among others. Rued Langgaard and Peter Heise.
Jacob Gade’s Tango Jalousie…

Tuesday, August 13th

The woman who shocked the Vatican

The dynamic Swedish trio Kv.Arken from Malmö have quickly become three of the festival’s most beloved musicians, thanks to their captivating Nordic Klezmer that has truly found its way into the hearts of our audience…

Wednesday, August 14th

The ages meet: old and new

A unique musical journey that starts with Lasse Thoresen’s ‘Himmelske Fader’ for chamber choir and ‘Vare jo’ for joik and chamber choir. The meditative choral works from the Renaissance lead us to the work of Norwegian composer Cecilie Ore…

Thursday, August 15th

From Bach to Nordic Klezmer

The popular Michala Petri performs one of Bach’s cello suites and a concerto by Baroque master Sammartini for recorder and strings as well as a solo piece by centenarian Axel Borup-Jørgensen (Fuglekoncert)…

Friday, August 16th

Musical anniversary fireworks

The concert begins with the charismatic Michala Petri performing one of Vivaldi’s flute concertos as well as solo works by Bach, jubilant Borup-Jørgensen, and her own short solo piece “Dansk Sommervejr”…

Late Summer Festival
12.-16. August


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