Welcome to Late Summer Festival 2020

August 17. - 23.

It is a great pleasure to welcome to the 6th Late Summer Festival, which is held for the fifth time in Hvide Sande – this year also with an extra concert evening in Copenhagen, where the festival originally started back in 2014.

In our 2020 edition of the festival we mark Ludwig van Beethoven’s (1770 – 1827) 250th anniversary. We can only be amazed by this unique work so full of life, independence and so unconditionally consistent!

A number of female composers will also be highlighted at this year’s festival – each of which in their own way continues Beethoven’s impulse of freedom. From Fanny Hensel (1805 – 1847), who composed at a time when a female composer was considered almost forbidden, to today’s young female composers, there is a world of difference; whether it is Swedish Britta Byström, Israeli / Danish Rachel Yatzkan or new music’s Grand Old Lady, Tatar / Russian Sophia Gubaidulina – they are all firmly rooted in the professional music scene, and at the same time extremely expressive and freedom-seeking.

This year’s performing musicians go their own way as well, and all of them belong to the elite in their countries, not least the Swedish trio Kv.Arken – a wonderfully unconventional trio of three imaginative women, who with the greatest self-sufficiency move between different styles. The same can be said for the young Swedish concertmaster, fascinating Ylva Larsdotter, as well as the Danish accordion virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen, known for his eminent play of classics like Scarlatti, but also for his efforts for contemporary music – at this year’s festival it applies to the young Lil Lacey’s solo work.

The festival is also proud to present established musical personalities such as the Norwegian piano performance Professor Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, Swiss elite quartet CasalQuartett Zürich as well as the always innovative German double bassist Frank Reinecke.

The beautiful German word “Geistesverwandte” expresses well what connects all these musicians – a kind of idealistic family… That we again have cellist Jonathan Slaatto among us is of course an added pleasure, his many other obligations in the Danish music life despite.

We wish exciting and great days in Hvide Sande – as well as our extra concert night in Copenhagen.

Anette and Helge Slaatto, artistic leaders

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Late Somme Festival 2020 arbejder stadig på at bringe den klassiske musik ud til Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande  og ekstra koncert i København. Vi vægter sikkerheden utroligt højt, og er derfor ved at se hvilke muligheder der er for at sikre vores gæster musikalske oplevelser i sikre rammer.

Du kan selvfølgelig stadig se programmet og musikere for årets festival her på siden.
Og vi vil opdatere så snart vi har alt på plads i denne situation. Følg evt. vores Facebook-side.

Bedste hilsner,
Late Summer Festival