Welcome to Late Summer Festival 2023

We look forward to seeing our fantastic audience again – and of course to being able to play several concerts for you once again.

In line with the fact that we are slowly starting to travel again, we have chosen the composers for this year’s festival inspired by folk music from very different countries.

As our festival composer, we can welcome Danish Ole Buck – simply because we love his music. We know no one who writes so narratively, so enchantingly simple and rich in pictures as him.

Through many travels to the Arab and Middle Eastern countries, the Danish composer Poul Rovsing Olsen has colored his tonal language – and it must indeed be said that the melodies that the Danish composer collected left their mark on his way of composing, and thereby he has contributed with something very special to Nordic modernism. With his 100th anniversary, of course, he should be celebrated at this year’s festival!

Older composers such as Grieg and Dvorak have also been very much inspired by the folk music of their countries. Of course, the same goes for Bela Bartok in particular!

We are pleased that we have succeeded in inviting some of Europe’s foremost young musicians, here among clarinetist Jonas Frølund and the new Danish star soprano Brit-Tone Müllertz, who already perform on the big stages such as Bayreuth and Musikverrein Wien.

A selection of musicians from the highly esteemed Ensemble MidtVest will make their mark on our concerts. This year we can once again welcome the pianist Martin Qvist Hansen and the cellist Jonathan Slaatto, but also the ensemble’s Finnish viola player Sanna Ripatti and the young forward-thinking German / Korean violinist Won-Ho Kim can be experienced as soloists at this year’s festival.

Also experience the microtonal master, bassist Frank Reinecke, the highly respected Danish pianist Anne Mette Stæhr and the Odense Symphony Orchestra’s excellent concertmaster for many years, the violinist Bjarne Hansen.

At our extra concert in Koncert Kirken in Copenhagen, another of the country’s foremost pianists, Kristoffer Hyldig, will have a place on the program.

As something new, at this year’s festival, we will also create a podium for the very young talents, which will help to add extra color to the concerts in Vestjysk Bank and Hvide Sande Sportfisker Center. Here Marie Nørby returns after last year’s successful performance, now in a duo with Won-Ho Kim.

We will experience all these musicians with their vitality and the customer, which our audience can certainly look forward to.We wish you a lovely time and many good concert experiences,

Anette & Helge Slaatto

Artistic directors of Late Summer Festival