The ages meet: old and new

Wednesday, August 14, 20.00 – 21.15 – Haurvig Church


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The dynamic Swedish trio Kv.Arken from Malmö have quickly become three of the festival’s most beloved musicians, thanks to their captivating Nordic Klezmer that has truly found its way into the hearts of our audience. This year, they’re taking their musical adventure one step further by entering into an exciting new collaboration with Mats Edén, one of Sweden’s most renowned folk musicians and composers. This partnership culminates in the premiere of Edén’s work written specifically for the trio’s unique composition, drawing inspiration from both Swedish and Ukrainian folk tunes.
Not least, the audience can look forward to the premiere of the first part of Lasse Thoresen’s duo for violin and double bass, performed by Helge Slaatto and Frank Reinecke.

Helge Slaatto, violin
Frank Reinecke, double bass

Kv. The Ark: Annika Jessen, clarinet – Elena Nygren, viola – Anna Thorstensson, cello

Mats Edén: New work for Kv. Arken with inspiration from Swedish and Ukrainian folk tunes, PREMIERE (commissioned for the anniversary year)

Lasse Thoresen: Duo for violin and double bass, TOSOMT 1 (serenissimo) PREMIERE (commissioned for the anniversary year)


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